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Classic Car Liquidators sells classic muscle cars to classic car lovers all over the world. Most of the company process was manual and repeated every day. So our mission was to create an ERP software to automate the repeating manual steps in their daily operation. Another problem is their old website has huge traffic from all over the world, that causes pressure on the infrastructure. So no downtime is permitted for the new website.

MagRabbit's Solutions

We used OpenERP 7.0 to manage the company's process, from the dashboard where they can manage their inventory, to the purchase and sale process and then shipping. We use Django framework to develop the website and distribute the content via CloudFront and hosted on Amazon Web Service.


The OpenERP 7.0 system MagRabbit creates reduces the workload for CCL's employee significantly. It has a special function to autofill the PDF form for sales documents, or automatically list vehicle on eBay or list vehicle on Central dispatch. Moreover, the system can automatically list the vehicle on the website. To handle enormous traffic to the site, we use CloudFront as a distribution network. Thus it reduces major traffic directly to the server.


Classic Car Liquidators LLC


Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS
Back-end: OpenERP
Database: PostgreSQL
Infrastructure: AWS EC2, S3, Elastic File System, Auto-Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing, CloudFront CDN, Cloudwatch
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