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In Austin, each year a new crop of young entrepreneurs enter our local startup scene and begin their journey to change the world by launching a new business.

Meanwhile there are also a countless number of more experienced digital natives and others who are already gainfully employed in a day job while dreaming up the next big idea at night.

Our entire MagRabbit family is inspired by this abundance of bright minds and fresh ideas inside of Austin’s local startup scene, and our company is seeking to contribute what we can do to better serve the needs of our local startup scene.

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One of MagRabbit’s main focus areas is to reach out to partners and mentors with Texas startups. Our company is locally owned and brings over 25 years of business experience. Over the past ten years, we have built a technically savvy offshore and nearshore development team and we are now looking to meet with startup founders to qualify their business ideas and technology stacks.

Our core areas of expertise are e-commerce, mobile, and cloud. If you are a startup founder and your needs and skills match up, we can help with prototyping your idea, securing an office, developing business operations, and finding board advisors. We can also help you find potential angel investors.

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