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    MagRabbit Keeps Development Costs Down for Customers

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    MagRabbit Keeps Development Costs Down for Customers

    MagRabbit Keeps Development Costs Down for Customers By Increasing Efficiency with the Latest Development Tools

    To keep pace with current software development practices for our clients, it is necessary for front-end developers to use supportive tools of development to save both time and money for our clients. This article will highlight some useful tools for developing that the MagRabbit team incorporates into projects.

    Spritecow is a tool we use to generate CSS snippets for background position, width, and height of icons within a sprite sheet. We often use a CSS sprite to reduce requests to the server and page loading capacity while increasing loading speed and saving system resources. However, calculating the position of the individual icon of the sprite isn’t ever easy. With the online tool, Spritecow, we just upload sprite we want to use, specify the background color and select the icon we want to show.

    Ultimate CSS Gradient Generation is a tool that enables us to build backgrounds more flexible and simple. We simply select any color and the tool will show us the correct CSS code. It helps us quickly and efficiently design customer projects with gradients that have smooth color changing effects and subtle transparencies.

    Ultimate CSS Gradient Generation

    Additionally, jsbeautifier helps us quickly reformat JavaScript or HTML code and convert it into a readable format. It helps us beautify, unpack or deobfuscate JavaScript and HTML, make JSON/JSONP readable. We can make it fit our code need by adjusting appropriate information on each option of indentation, break line, space, etc. For instance, we just need to put a disorganized JavaScript code into the available space and then select or tick in boxes indicating your requirements, this tool will quickly reformat and indent that code and convert it into the right format. We also find another free online format for SQL statements available on Just enter SQL in the text area and click "Format SQL", we will get a readable query statement.

    Another tool that helps streamline our workflow is Bootstrap which is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile projects on the web. One of the most useful features of Bootstrap allows us to layout a page faster instead of spending time writing code and adding HTML styling tags.


    MagRabbit continually searches for supportive development tools that will help increase effectiveness and efficiency and keep costs down for our customers.

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