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2018 Reengineering for the Digital Economy

CEO Tommy Hodinh

There's no doubt about it: The digital economy has arrived. As a result, or­ganizations in all industries need to embrace every avenue available to make the most of their data. Unfortunately, not all data today enters the enterprise in digital form - and it's often this unstructured data that yields the most meaningful insights.

Tommy Hodinh is well aware of the chal­lenges associated with the new economy. Since starting MagRabbit 27 years ago, Hod­inh has always focused on constantly find­ing creative, innovative ways to provide high quality products and services to customers on a global scale. MagRabbit has consis­tently surfaced as a leading provider of in­novative and evolutionary solutions such as logistics, e-commerce, cloud technology and mobile technology. Recently MagRab­bit added managed services to the list, with a distinct focus on helping organizations compete in the new digital economy.

As MagRabbit has grown and evolved its various offerings, Hodinh has recognized the importance of reengineering the dy­namic firm into separate yet often comple­mentary business units, each focused on providing world class products and ser­vices. The business units under MagRab­bit's global umbrella include: Global Pro­fessional Talent Solutions, Global Managed Services, Global IT Consulting & Software Development Services, and Global Supply Chain Management.

MagRabbit Global Managed Services LLC - is a joint venture with Drake Business Services Asia. With offices in Canada, Singa­pore, Australia, Japan, Korea, India, Philip­pines, Hong Kong and Vietnam, DBSA has built a client list that includes well known Fortune 500 corporations.

The managed services group leverages advanced technologies to provide office services such as Digital mailroom, messag­ing and printing services, as well as com­prehensive print room services. As busi­nesses focus on competing in the digital economy, document lifecyde management has taken on a new sense of urgency. In­put management automation, document archiving, intelligent document processing and document output management are a few of the most popular services. Round­ing out the managed services offering, MagRabbit can provide clients with tech­nology and quality assurance-related and front-of-house services, as well as inbound and outbound customer contact services.

Combined, the MagRabbit business units empower clients to focus on their core com­petencies. MagRabbit has invested in the people, systems and technology, and, when combined with over 20 years of domain ex­pertise delivers exceptionally high levels of service and quality to its customers.

In creating, maintaining, and operating each MagRabbit business unit, Hodinh is diligent in making sure the firm's process­es and experienced team are second to none. All of which are part of MagRabbit's commitment to combine experience and innovation to achieve 100 percent client satisfaction, while becoming a world-class products and services provider for com­panies with mission-critical requirements. "We enter each relationship with integrity and pride ourselves in being easy to do business with," said Hodinh. "We consis­tently invest in human capital as well as tools to build our capacity to better serve the client. We know that having the capac­ity to serve our clients whenever and how­ever they need is critical."

Hodinh and MagRabbit have received numerous awards over the years includ­ing the Community Circle Award from the University of Texas at Austin, Gold Nugget award from the University of Texas at El Paso, Best CEO and MBE of the Decade, National Asian Entrepreneur of the Year by MBNUSA, NMSDC Minority Business Enterprise of the Year, NMDC Corporate Plus Membership, E-10 Award by Hous­ton Minority Supplier Business Council two-time Southwest Minority Supplier Minority Development Council of the Year winner, U.S. Small Business Admin­istrator's Award for Excellence, the U.S. Department of Commerce MBDA Direc­tor Award, Dell MBE Supplier of the Year Award as well as MBE of The Year Award from H.E.B. Grocery Stores. ■

2018 Reengineering for the Digital Economy by PETER FRETTY

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