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    Why MagRabbit Loves Developing for Google’s Android Operating System

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    Why MagRabbit Loves Developing for Google’s Android Operating System

    In a recent article, we extolled the virtues of Android L, the latest update to the Android operating system released by Google in 2014. While some assume that Android is just a platform for mobile phones, a business interested in developing their own mobile application should take advantage of the ready-made, low cost, and customizable operating system Google provides to launch their own Android app.

    Android is a Linux-based mobile operating system and is the world’s most popular mobile platform, Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices including phones, tablets, TVs, watches and even cars in more than 190 countries worldwide. There are more than one million new Android devices activated each day and Android users download more than 1.5 billion applications and games from Google Play each month. Even more surprisingly, sales of Android devices are now more than Windows, iOS and Mac OS X devices combined.

    So how can Android gain this much power? We’ve listed four reasons why our developers love working with the Android operating system.

    1. Open Source Code

    Android is a fantastic place where developers get the benefit of access to Google’s open source code. Because the source code is available to the public, developers can freely acquire the code that they need for applications and even distribute and modify it at their convenience. This open-source software is secure, as the code is accessible to everyone and we can quickly track defects, which is one reason why the MagRabbit team prefers to develop applications on Android mobile devices.

    2. Solid Documentation

    The Android operating system makes programming applications for smartphones and tablets easy. Developing a new Android application does not require a steep learning curve for developers as Android documentation is well structured and organized, allowing our teams to easily use popular programming languages such as Java to write Android applications. Moreover, the Android platform is a good choice for inter-application and inter-process architecture, giving our developers an easy way to integrate applications.

    3. Creative Customization

    Another useful characteristic of Android is that our developers can customize the appearance of the Android handset with a wide range of lively wallpapers, themes, and launchers, satisfying the user’s individual tastes. Users can change the look of their interface by creating new wallpapers using their own photos or pictures from the Internet and designing unique styles for shortcuts and menus.

    4. User-friendly Platform

    Google’s synchronization features enable the Android to automatically back up critical information, such as a user’s contact list, by creating a Google Account after setting up an Android phone. Users no longer worry about losing phone book data or waste time re-creating for their Android phone since all data is backed up to that Android device by signing into their Google Account. Additionally, there are pre-installed services such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Map, Youtube, etc. on Android devices, meeting users’ demand for information, watching videos or email. Last but not least, users enjoy the ability to run multiple applications simultaneously on an Android device, using their Android phone to listen to music and surf the Internet at the same time.

    If your business is considering an Android app, please contact us to discuss the affordable and easily customizable options for building on Google’s Android operating system at or +1 (512) 310-9903.

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