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    Harvesting crops - MTech Partners minds clients’ businesses

    From his early background in hardware, to building a global software services business amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Tommy Hodinh, president, chief operating officer and co-founder of MTech Partners LLC, relies on perseverance, passion and strength through partnerships to successfully grow his company. Launched in 2019, MTech Partners provides its global clients with high-quality custom software development solutions for all web and cloud application needs.


    After earning his mechanical engineering degree from the University of Texas at El Paso, Hodinh spent the first 15 years of his career at IBM Corp. in its manufacturing, product development and sales divisions. Although he gained invaluable experience in hardware during that time, he observed a pendulum shift toward software and wanted to change along with the coming tides of innovation. 

    “I knew I was capable of so much more, so I set out to form my own enterprise 30 years ago,” he said.

    As a result, Hodinh went on to start various companies, including MagRabbit, MagRabbit Global Software Services, MagRabbit Dedicated Fleet, MagRabbit Vietnam, MagRabbit American Unit, MagRabbit AIW and OESMagRabbit. The companies have a global presence with their software development, information-technology consulting and supply-chain management offerings. 

    The serial entrepreneur said his dream of creating something from the ground up can be found in his DNA. Born and raised in a farming family in central Vietnam, he watched as his parents worked tirelessly in the rice fields to feed their family and earn a living. 

    “They would plant something, and all I would see is dirt, and then one day, all of a sudden, there would be a new crop,” Hodinh said. “As business owners, we get to harvest our own crops.” At the root of his continued and prolific success are relationships. “We’re stronger together,” he said. “The contracts we sign with our Fortune 500 corporate clients are only as good as the personal relationships we have with them.”

    “We’re stronger together. The contracts we sign with our Fortune 500 corporate clients are only as good as the personal relationships we have with them.”
    — Tommy Hodinh

    With an unwavering commitment to integrity, ethics, diversity and sustainable practices, MTech Partners helps its clients succeed by providing products and services that bring competitive advantage through innovation, performance, quality and cost efficiency.

    “Our developers build mobile responsive websites to accommodate all screen sizes, tablets and mobile devices,” Hodinh said. “We offer native mobile app development for iOS and Android, for businesses worldwide, and we use the latest software development tools to increase efficiency and lower costs for our customers.”

    The pandemic, however, presented a new challenge for MTech Partners and the way he had been used to doing business. “Our product is not something you can see, so we rely on face-to-face meetings for making a connection with prospective clients or expanding business services with our existing customers,” Hodinh said. Still, despite this era of Zoom meetings, he believes MTech Partners has a bright future. “Let’s just say, I’m very optimistic about the next decade,” he said.


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