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    MagRabbit Uses AngularJS to Create Better Web Apps for Startups

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    MagRabbit Uses AngularJS to Create Better Web Apps for Startups

    MagRabbit is using AngularJS, one of the JavaScript-based MVC frameworks created by Google a few years ago; it has been gaining a lot of popularity for creating both proper site architecture and maintainable web applications.

    Why is AngularJS so powerful?

    Writing less code is a big deal. If you don’t have to write your own MVC pipeline yet, get the benefits of a powerful two-way data-binding framework with a proper application model and proper separation between the view and the control layer. The view is defined using HTML, which is more concise. Models are simpler to write without getters/setters. Data-binding helps to put data into view automatically by handling the synchronization between the DOM and the model.

    AngularJS supports developers to declare UI as well. Indeed, it is easier to understand and manipulate if you have a structured UI and jQuery yet, this will help you to do that appropriately. If you are keeping your presentation in one place when declaring UI and placing markup in HTML yet, clearly a side effect is an issue developers have to face as they change something bringing an unexpected result. To help you reduce side effects, the declarative UI will declare the bindings at the source, remove the needs for hidden code and allow data-binding.

    The addition of this tool like directives and filters makes it even more clear what the intent of the UI is going forward. Directives allow us to specify show how pages should be structured for the data available in a given scope. You can use directives to create custom HTML tags or decorate elements with DOM attributes. Filters, only concerned with data transformations, allow you to change the way of displaying data on the view level without modifying your controllers.

    Moreover, AngularJS embraces the testing approach to building apps. The powerful dependency injection framework makes code much more testable than before. Unit testing is performed by injecting fake server responses into the controller and measuring the output and behavior.

    AngularJS also brings profit to larger projects since it enables massively parallel developments. Apps' functionalities are broken down into small services and sub-controllers that many teams can independently code and test in parallel without stepping on each other’s toes while reducing integration issues.

    Despite a beneficial tool, AngularJS should not be used for all web apps. It is very good to build single page web apps which are known with advantages like performances (since there is no need for downloading a new HTML page for navigating to a new page). For generic web apps, it should serve as a viable framework to build upon. However, AngularJS does not fit for writing a game or a computationally intensive math program. 

    In the nutshell, it is undeniable that AngularJS is an efficient supportive tool for developers. We can clearly list all the good that comes from AngularJS’s; code organization, data-binding, to the flexibility of filters and directives, unit testing and so on. All the things mentioned above are just some of the most typical useful features of AngularJS hoping that it may interest you.

    Further documentation and examples may be found on or contact MagRabbit directly at +1 (512) 310 9903 to find out if AngularJS is right for your project.

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