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    MagRabbit with the New Features of Sencha Ext JS 5

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    MagRabbit with the New Features of Sencha Ext JS 5

    MagRabbit developers are excited about the 2014 release from Sencha, Ext JS 5.0, which provide new tools for the development of business centric applications. New features such as MVVM, two-way data binding, tablet and touchscreen capabilities, as well as session management and rooting make the Ext JS 5 an exciting addition to the MagRabbit toolbox.

    Customizing Software Applications for MagRabbit Clients is a Piece of Cake with the New Features of Sencha Ext JS 5

    MVVM and Two-way Data Binding

    Ext JS 5 provides a rich data package that will increase our efficiency and save development time for our client. The new release allows developers to use Model-View- ViewModel (MVVM), replacing the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture of Ext JS 4 when building our client’s software applications. The previous Sencha version utilized MVC which helped us organize the code base by dividing the user interface into three parts Model-View-Controller. The newest release includes MVVM technology which is developed from the MVC pattern with the new ViewModel feature helping us manage changes between the Model’s data and View’s data representation. The new MVVM model increases efficiency; saving time, resources, and reducing development time errors by automatically writing back to the Model when changes have been made in the View representation. This live synchronization is called two-way data binding.

    Tablet & Touch screen Support

    Sencha Ext JS 5 is a multi-device JavaScript framework supporting tablets and touch screen devices. In fact, this version allows developers to use a single codebase to run on different devices bringing the desktop application to tablets and touch screen devices. This powerful new architecture provides incredibly useful features for application development including Grid Widgets with new lightweight components, Neptune Touch and Crisp themes providing a modern look, and Sencha Charts working on both Ext JS and Sencha Touch.

    Session Management

    Ext data session is added to Ext JS 5 with the purpose of managing the order of records that we’ve saved and all modified records that need to be saved. This new feature will streamline the process of updating, creating or destroying data on the server. In short, the new session management feature simplifies record editing and gathers all of the updates and then commits them to the server.


    Another time-saving feature of Ext JS 5 will allow our developers to implement “deep linking” within our applications by using URL routing methods to translate the application’s URL into controller actions and methods. Ext JS router supports different routers in a URI which helps to configure applications accepting request URLs instead of mapping to physical files on the server. In addition, the function “before” that is used to execute route permits us to stop the current route or continue the route after a certain action.

    MagRabbit is looking forward to using Sencha Ext JS 5 to help us create applications that will run efficiently on websites, mobile phones and tablets. With this approach, customized applications to meet our clients’ requirements will become a piece of cake. Instead of writing a huge load of code, developers are now supported by pre-built components. Additionally, we no longer need to use multiple tools to achieve our project goals, as Sencha Ext JS 5 is much simpler and combines everything into one technology.

    If you have ideas to share with us about this new version of Sencha Ext JS 5, or want to consider MagRabbit for your next project, please contact us at or +1 (512) 310-9903.

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