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    Reasons why MagRabbit is a choice for IoT outsourcing

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    Reasons why MagRabbit is a choice for IoT outsourcing

    Why MagRabbit is a choice for IoT outsourcing?

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of electronic devices, varying from smart cars, air pollution sensors, cameras, to electronic wearable. These devices can sense, communicate, and be controlled via embedded electronic chips and software. As IoT applications start to boom and come out of labs and R&D centers, opportunities are opening up in transportation, water management, security, environment, power, agriculture, logistics, healthcare, and many other fields.

    IoT is a game-changing tendency to the IT outsourcing industry and is bringing a bright future to service providers in this industry. IT services will be no longer restricted to traditional business process automation on computers or smartphones but spreading out to diverse domains. MagRabbit envisions this change and takes advantages of new opportunities.

    Below are four reasons why MagRabbit can win the coming battle among IoT outsourcing vendors:

    1. Vast experience in IT outsourcing

    MagRabbit’s experience in software product development is a huge advantage which encouraged the decision to battle the IoT outsourcing market. The company’s track record in software outsourcing includes some of the top "Fortune 1000" Corporations such as H-E-B Grocery Stores, Dell Inc, Classic Car Liquidator, University of Texas, and Toyota to name a few.

    2. A mixed talent pool of IT and electronic

    With development bases in China and Vietnam, MagRabbit has access to vast talent pools with diverse skills including software and firmware development, microprocessor programming, electronic board layout and schematic, FPGA, logic simulation and verification of chip designs, etc. This skill set allows MagRabbit to meet broad demand of clients in the IoT outsourcing market.

    3. Cost advantage

    Cost saving is always one of the main reasons for enterprises to outsource IT work. China and, especially, Vietnam remain the most competitive options in the world for IT outsourcing due to their competitive labor costs and other business costs. MagRabbit offers cost advantage with its China and Vietnam development bases while retaining low overhead cost by using its US-based bridging engineers.

    4. Flexible outsourcing model

    MagRabbit can adapt to a variety of outsourcing models depending on client background and requirements:

    • Turnkey product development: MagRabbit takes care of the full product development life cycle to turn a client idea to a prototype electronic device.
    • Product co-development: MagRabbit engineers can co-work with the client team to cover part of the development life cycle, either it is firmware development, board schematic/layout, or testing/verification.

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