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    Harvesting crops - MTech Partners minds clients’ businesses

    From his early background in hardware, to building a global software services business amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Tommy Hodinh, president, chief operating officer and co-founder of MTech Partners LLC, relies on perseverance, passion and strength through partnerships to successfully grow his company. Launched in 2019, MTech Partners provides its global clients with high-quality custom software development solutions for all web and cloud application needs.

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  • Grainger Diversity Program MagRabbit

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    Grainger Diversity Program MagRabbit

    Austin Texas USA ( March 14, 2020) MagRabbit became partners with Grainger in Diversity Program.

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  • Some Q&A about Mainframe Modernization

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    Some Q&A about Mainframe Modernization

    Since the three major reasons for "mainframe modernization" can be solved separately without necessarily plunging into a full-on migration process. The user interface issue is probably the most pressing and there are many ways to tackle that issue. If cost is a problem, then there are creative ways to put a big dent in it. And if efficiency is an issue, some clean solutions can be found. Eventually, the increased broadness of IT will help overcome all of these problems.

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