Senior Advisor Project/Program Management - IT - United States

Posted: 06/24/2021

Job Description


  • Enhances development and execution of project plan by working with the project team to define, sequence, and calculate the duration of activities and determine schedules to meet project objectives
  • Ensures consistency and adherence to  standards, processes, and policies for all projects
  • Handles all aspects of the project execution including chartering, scope definition, requirements collection, project planning, change control, risk management, and reporting
  • Facilitates and supervises planning of resources, cost estimation, budget development, and cost control
  • Manages the identification, solving, and escalation of project risks and problems
  • Monitors project budget and resource usage in comparison to the plan
  • Making plans and carrying out project communications ensuring timely and accurate distribution of information, documentation, and problem solving to all relevant team members
  • Be in charge of multiple Project Managers assigned to a single project or fewer big/highly complicated customer Projects/Deliverables


  • Candidates must be W2
  • Looking for a Cyber Security PM with over 6 years of experience working within compliance groups: Vuln Management, Pen Testing, GRC, etc. This person will be working with many teams and on many projects.
  • Ability to handle the volume and communicate across multiple teams.


  • Manages many projects, from a single functional field to complex projects
  • Analyses opportunities and gives recommendations for Process Improvements and/or Application Reliability Management
  • Give feedback of performance to leaders of project team members
  • Works under the supervision of IT Senior Managers and/or higher-level Project Managers
  • Lots of interaction with internal customers (such as Product Managers, Project Managers, and Business Analysts, etc.) and limited engagemnet with senior business management

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Site: Remote - Massachusetts, United States

Location: Remote - Massachusetts, United States 

Project Manager
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